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A revolutionary, practical and innovative product. As effective as a cleanser, as fresh and delicate as water. It removes makeup, cleanses and gently tones the face, eyes and lips. It contains extracts of Sage and Cucumber recognized for their puryfing properties.


Format: 250 ml, Bottle

Sirt1 obtained from the Myrtle plant, it stimulates Sirtuins: the proteins that work on the cellular longevity gene. On young cells, it slows down the onset of imperfections. On old cells, it restores vitality and renews the proper cellular functioning.


Pure Complex of active ingredients with a purifying and evening actions on the complexion, with Azelaic Acid and Glycine: it carry out a sebo-balancing action and fight dyschromias linked to imperfections.


Balance Complex with a sebo-balancing action and skin microbial flora regulating action made up of a plant-originating synergy mix of extracts. The Tea Tree Oil, essential oil extracted form the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant, with strong anti-septic properties. The Willow plant extract, rich in Salicylic Acid, which smooths skin top layers.

Soak a cotton pad and gently use on the face. No need to rinse!